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Wakanda Forever

Marvel Studios' Black Panther left a huge mark in Hollywood after its release breaking numerous records. The movie bounded to success at the President's Day box office, notching $242 million domestically over the four-day weekend making it the biggest debut for a black director and the second-highest such opening... 

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The Mind of an Artist (W/ @Unorthodoxfox)

How many times have you listened to your favorite song and wonder how did the artist come up with the concept? or look at a painting and wonder why would an artist place this here, or chose that color? If only we had the resources to ask them why or how? In a time where a lot of amazing artists are overlooked and unappreciated,  I decided to go deeper into the mind of one of my favorite artist ,Unorthodox Fox...

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ATL W/ @TangieReneePhotography

Many of you have asked to see the full session I did with the Tangie Renee a while back and here it is! Tangie Renee is the owner of Tangie Renee Photography in Atlanta, Ga. It was an absolute pleasure working with her for this session. We were going for a more relaxed look and... 

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