Wakanda Forever

Marvel Studios' Black Panther left a huge mark in Hollywood after its release breaking numerous records. The movie bounded to success at the President's Day box office, notching $242 million domestically over the four-day weekend making it the biggest debut for a black director and the second-highest such opening behind only Star Wars: The Force AwakensIt's amazing to see a movie with a predominantly black cast get received this way. Not only does it help motivate and inspire other creatives, but it's great for our young black boys and girls to see that they are beautiful to society and can be stars too. I had the opportunity to take part in a Black Panther photoshoot with Kraven Photography and other talented individuals and we wanted to share the pictures with the public to show our creative support for the movie. Please check them out, tell us what you think, and share them with your friends and family to help support the shoot. Wakanda Forever!


Creative Dir/Photographer: Kraven Photography@Kravenphotography



Teko Lewis - @Iamteko

Kiss Avery - @kissmeavery

Leigh Forbes - @liveloveleigh 

Kari Daries - @thekaridiaries_

Phoenix Washington - @phoenixwashington 

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Wudro Works - @wudroworks 

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