The Mind of an Artist (W/ @Unorthodoxfox)

How many times have you listened to your favorite song and wonder how did the artist come up with the concept? or look at a painting and wonder why would an artist place this here, or chose that color? If only we had the resources to ask them why or how? In a time where a lot of amazing artists are overlooked and unappreciated,  I decided to go deeper into the mind of one of my favorite artist ,Unorthodox Fox, someone who's work has inspired me to be more creative when producing and creating music. This post is not only introduce you to one of my favorites, but to help inspire artist to keep creating, and maybe inspire you to create you next piece.

Artist name: Unorthodox Fox or Fox Illustration

The creativity infused in my style, as well as the constant progression of my skillset, developed from a combination of different roots. My passion and purpose for creating, my school studies as well as my self-driven learning, the stories, and experience I've gathered, the music I listen to are only some of the crucial factors that aid in how I am able to create how I do. As I brainstorm or simply observe the world around me, my thoughts escape to my imagination and browse through my ever-expanding library of knowledge. Glancing at a face, my mind perceives much more than just the features. Unorthodox Fox is just one illustrator among a continuously growing sea of artists. What allows me to see a portrait or character differently than another artist is my constant cultivation of knowledge of self and willingness to always learn. It is pulling from my personal experiences and my own interpretations of the movies I have watched, the art of artists I grew up on or study, my natural inclination to have my head in the clouds, the books I read, or the cartoons and anime I watch. It is being brave enough to say, I love my melanin and the melanin of the kings and queens I know and that is what I want to draw. It is observing my natural tendencies and developing those as I create. The combination of all these crucial roots sprouts creations embodying more and more of my artistic voice. 

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To the artist reading this, NEVER give up on your work, you never know who your work inspires, just hold on to your faith and keep pushing!