July Updates!!!

TekoLewis.com is ending the month of July with a few updates. In the beginning of the month I changed the entire layout for a smoother look and easier navigation. The music and gallery tabs were combined and can be found on the media page so you can enjoy new music and browse through the latest pictures in the gallery simultaneously. Then lastly, I am excited to introduce you to the blog tab as promised. Bringing you more content on my workflow, equipment, and other topics as far as music, modeling, and photography. If you have any interesting topics, feel free to email me your topic and/or blog with a picture of you, name, and social media for credit. Hope you enjoy, and please don't forget to subscribe and follow @IamTeko on all of your favorite social media sites.

Also, I posted a new song this month called Duet, check it out on the media page and on Soundcloud.  New songs and video coming next month. 

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to post a blog entry just email Tekolewis@gmail.com

*Blog Entries* - Please incorporate your contact and/or social media info and your First and Last name.