How Instagram Is Hurting Your Business

Photo by SonerCdem/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by SonerCdem/iStock / Getty Images

If you're anything like me you wake up every morning and do the Insta-Ritual. You check your notifications and likes on your recent post, then check to see if you gained or lost any new followers. Does this sound like you? If so, you understand the feeling you get after you check your profile and realize that you've suddenly hit a plateau. You begin to do research on why you're not getting more likes and insights just to find tips that make things worse. They tell you how Instagrams algorithm has changed once again since last week, or how they're deleting your favorite hashtags, or maybe you've seen this one; "Your business account is hurting your engagement". HOW SWAY!? The worst is that we now have the option to Auto-post have to tag the picture after the post is made. Which wouldn't be a problem if your engagements did not reset after every time you edit your post because of the 2018 Algorithm. We're literally running in circles. 

There are so many rumors out there that it gets overwhelming on who and what to believe. You begin to think about how bad this can be for your business, and what if my page never grows? Even more so you feel like you're back at ground zero, and Instagram shouldn't be like this. Some people have even gone to the extreme to pay for followers and likes or even buy mini-courses and tutorials on how to build their following and engagement. We all spent hours doing research on what could be wrong, but in reality, this is literally hurting your business. Some of us have lost sight that Instagram is nothing more than a business tool..."TOOL", not our actual business. I get it some tools are stronger than others but at the end of the day, it is just what it is, a tool. So who cares if you get 300 or 5k likes on your recent post at the beach, what are your analytics for your business? How's your SEO?

"Some of us have lost sight that Instagram is nothing more than a business tool..."

Think of it like this, The house is your Business. Its the end result of where you're trying to reach. To build this house you need a blueprint. After we need out materials. Lastly, we execute. Don't lose sight of the house focusing on the best paint brush. In the morning we should be waking up checking out how many people viewed our website not just how many bots put "Nice!!" under your picture from yesterday. At the end of the day, it is just social media. Through the years we've watched many platforms come and go. Remember Myspace? Vine? Path? We've seen it happen and like everything else, it was replaced. Many businesses die with these platforms, let's not be one of them. Still, don't believe me? Take a second and think to yourself what's worse, your website shutting down? or your beautifully themed IG feed getting ruined because Instagram changed to a 4X4 grid? 

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